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Los Gatos Residence

Los Gatos, CA  The homeowner’s deep appreciation for both Pan Pacific art and architecture as well as contemporary design were integrated into a concept abstracting the Balinese ut. Color, texture, materials, finishes and cultural influences all became major points of interest in the initial design of the space.

The design intent involved creating a design vocabulary that linked separate parts of the home using both Asian and a contemporary languages. To achieve this spatial “link”, a series of ceiling canopies were developed that interconnect different areas of the home. Walnut dowel canopies and a stainless steel version reference and abstract the feeling of the interior of an Indonesian thatched dwelling as well as a canopy of trees. Additional colored fabric canopies are hung above the wooden and metal counterparts and define the major rooms.


The interior’s color scheme evolved from the rich and vibrant colors seen in traditional Pan Pacific design while also referencing the natural environment. For example, the orange hues of the entry represent Fire, the green fabric and wood canopies of the family room represent Earth while the blue fabric and stainless steel canopies of the living room represent Air. Each space is meant to “flow” into adjacent spaces. Canopies turn corners, wall and ceiling paints also “slip” from one surface to another in a way as to suggest an ongoing movement within the home. In introducing both fixed and active elements, as well as rustic and contemporary materials, a dynamic spatial balance is achieved within the interior.

Publications: California Homes Magazine

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