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Wallabe Connected Wall Ecosystem

The overall process of building on-site has traditionally been time, resource, and cost intensive. Walls contribute to significant waste generated during the construction process, and once complete, the wall itself becomes a monolithic, permanent artifact that stubbornly resists change to the world around it.


Wallabe is a dynamic, intelligent wall system that can integrate within an otherwise conventionally constructed building, or be used as the wall system within a variety of modular building solutions. In either context, Wallabe walls bring unprecedented flexibility, intelligence, and sustainability to the wall.


As a prefabricated wall component, Wallabe panels do not require special equipment to ship or specialized crews to install. The system fits together easily, is movable (in non-load-bearing applications) and reusable. Once installed, Wallabe frames become a platform to support material, stylistic, functional, electrical and technological change throughout the life of the wall.

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