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Super Mini House Competition

Conveyor Haus removes all functional artifacts used to define the traditional room of a home. By removing the components that establish the function of a kitchen, dining room, living room, study, bedroom, toilet room and shower, the remaining space becomes an open, neutral canvas. 

The components are then stowed vertically as modular “boxes” in one of two conveyor chutes that service each unit. By activating the conveyor system, an individual can summon the functionality of a room, and afterwards return the room to its neutral state. In this way, a single room can potentially become every room of the home.

Each unit’s conveyor system is apart of the building’s core infrastructure and can also be used for vertical circulation between floors. One conveyor chute contains wet-wall items such as the toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine for laundry, bath or shower, etc., while the other chute contains functional items such as a range, food and utensil storage, tables, chairs, sofa, entertainment unit, bed and wardrobe. 

Conveyor Haus is powered by multiple wind turbines and a solar array / rainwater catchment system that sits atop of the building. Captured rainwater is channeled into cisterns, filtered, and then re-circulated throughout the building.

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