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Upper Noe Residence

San Francisco, CA  The Upper Noe Valley Residence reimagines the classic Arts and Crafts style home. Using reclaimed, as well as new, hand-crafted materials, the finished design combines the best of traditional and contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.


Reclaimed timber from old barn wood was used for a new post and beam system to organize the home’s various rooms and highlight their unique features. The post and beam system also supports a series of wooden ceiling and wall grilles, that along with lantern boxes, create points of illumination while examining varying scales within each space. The dynamic composition of materials leads one’s eye from the ceiling to the wall and from one space to another.


The project’s fine woodworking, hand-crafted polished concrete, unique tile and Venetian plaster work are all examples of the materials and finish exploration that infuse the project with a unique sense of craft and beauty.  

Publications:   New York Times