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Health Care: Galvan Dental Offices

San Ramon CA   A 2,100 square foot dental facility that explores the use of color as a catalyst for creating mood. 


The color field paintings of Mark Rothko served as an initial impetus for relating fields of color to psychological environments.  Water color studies were explored to reference abstracted natural environments using two color fields, for example, blue fading into green might reference a pasture, dark green fading into a light green might reference a rainforest, white fading into purple a mountain range while blue fading into gold might reference a desert or wheat field.


Eight distinct “environments” were created all of which are programmed for manual adjustment or rotation at desired time intervals. The fiber optics were then incorporated along the main corridor as well as the two elliptical operation rooms where patients would feel immersed in the current “environment” setting. All other walls, finishes and materials utilize neutral tones of grey or beige so as to take on the colors of the adjacent operatory walls.  


Published:  Interior Design Magazine, SOMA Magazine

Mark Rothko painting analysis